Tips and tutorials

Trading crypto through the Bitcoin Billionaire tools is quite easy. However, you must adhere to the general trading principles to get the best out of the tools. We have discussed these general trading principles in detail below.

Invest what you can afford

Do not trade with all your savings since there is a possibility of trading into losses in unprecedented market conditions.

Any highly lucrative market also comes at significant risk. Bitcoin Billionaire offers tools to help you manage trading risk. However, even with the best trading strategy, a significant degree of risk still remains.

Trading with what you won’t cause a lot of mental anguish in the event of losses. The minimum trading balance is a good starting point.

Take advantage of new technologies

New trading technologies are coming up every day. The best trading technologies are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). All the tools under the Bitcoin Billionaire brand are AI-based.

Our team is working on more tools to help you take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. We launch new tools every fortnightly and update the existing ones after every 2 days.

Trade during high market volatility

Trading involves placing bets on the ups and downs of the markets. You need to trade when these ups and downs are high. Market volatility differs with time zones with the US and London time zones bringing the most volatility.

You should start trading at the opening of the markets at 8:00 AM and end trading at the close of the markets. The markets close at 4:00 PM. Trading CFDs past this time could attract rollover fees. Moreover, the markets may open lower hence leading to the reversal of the profits earned during the previous session.