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How do I link my Bitcoin Billionaire account with a broker?

You can’t link Bitcoin Billionaire with a broker manually. Register on this page to automatically be linked with a supported broker.

Only a few CFDs brokers are contracted to offer the Bitcoin Billionaire tools. These brokers are only assigned from this page. We only work with top-level crypto CFDs brokers. You will enjoy the best trading terms in the market when trading with us.

Can I download the Bitcoin Billionaire app on Google Play?

The Bitcoin Billionaire tools work through the systems provided by the underlying broker. These include the MetaTrader software (MT4) or the cTrader.

We also support a few proprietary systems provided by the broker. You need to download the systems via the assigned broker to access the Bitcoin Billionaire tools. A unique download link is shared with the trader on completing the signup. You can only access our tools through the system downloaded through the link.

How do I change my payment method?

You are taken to a local broker’s page on registering on the official Bitcoin Billionaire account. All trading-related transactions are facilitated by this broker.

The broker will request verification of the deposit method. Please note that all withdrawals are processed through the verified method. You need to contact the broker to change the payment method. The process could take up to 48 hours.

Why was my Bitcoin Billionaire account suspended?

Your Bitcoin Billionaire account may be suspended if you engage in activities that violate our policy. We will suspend your account permanently if you deliberately submit inaccurate information during registration.

Remember that you must complete the ID verification process to withdraw the profits earned. The user verification process is facilitated by our quality partner brokers. Your account may also be suspended for violating our privacy policy.


How does Crypto CFDs trading work?

Crypto CFDs are derivatives that allow fast-paced traders to bet on short-term asset volatility. A contract for difference (CFD) is a unique financial instrument that derives its value from an underlying asset.

Crypto CFDs allow traders to bet on asset price movements without owning the underlying crypto. This means that traders do not need a wallet to trade crypto through the CFDs derivatives.

Is online investing and day trading the same?

Online investing and day trading is totally different. Investing is for the long term while day trading is for the short term.

An investor can hold a buy position for years with the hopes of significant capital gains. On the other hand, a day trader closes positions within a day. Day trading involves betting on short-term price movements. This approach to trading mostly happens through financial derivatives.

Can I do online trading without a broker?

Trading financial instruments online can only happen through a financial broker. There are different types of brokers.

The type of broker depends on the asset on trade. For instance, not all types of financial brokers provide derivatives trading. Also, not all brokers support crypto trading. Furthermore, some crypto exchanges may act as brokers. Your choice of broker should be dictated by your trading needs.

Is a margin account the same as a cash account?

A margin account allows you to use borrowed funds to magnify your trading. On the other hand, you can only use your deposit in a cash account.

Most of the online trading happens on a margin account. The trading margin is provided through the broker facilitating the trading. Margin accounts offer high money-making potential, but they also come at high risk.