Crypto Basics

The crypto industry has exploded since 2009. Today, there are over 12000 cryptocurrencies and the entire industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Bitcoin is the world’s first crypto having been launched in 2009. The digital currency has risen from less than a dollar to an all-time high of $67,000. This is before the current recession, which has pushed the price to $20,000.

But experts are upbeat that the crypto winter has ended and prices can only go up. Bitcoin could rebound significantly in the coming weeks to trade past $50,000. The rebound is likely to be followed by a rally that will push the price past $100,000.

Crypto analysts at leading investment banks in WST predict that BTC will hit the $100,000 mark in a few months. You have an opportunity to trade all the market cycles through our revolutionary trading platform. Find a definition of some of the terms you must be familiar with before trading with Bitcoin Billionaire.

Cryptocurrencies – Tradable digital currencies founded on the blockchain. These currencies are sold through specialized exchanges. Traders can bet on their price swings through derivatives known as CFDs. These derivatives are traded through financial brokers.

Crypto brokers – Refers to financial institutions responsible for facilitating the crypto derivatives trading process. These financial institutions offer trading platforms such as the MT4.

Trading leverage – This is a form of debt capital provided by the financial broker to help you trade huge positions with little capital. The leverage is provided relative to the investment capital. Moreover, it’s lien-free and hence not attached to any asset. However, it’s possible to make negative losses on an overleveraged account.